Advanced Magnesium Alloys Corporation 
A MEMBER COMPANY OF PHOENIX GLOBAL HOLDINGS, LLC                                                                                   
Environment, H&S
AMACOR embraces environmental, health and safety objectives as core business values.  We are committed to achieving EH&S excellence through continual improvement of our awareness, understanding and performance.  Our goals include protection and promotion of the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the community in which we operate.

AMACOR has received awards from local, state and federal environmental and regulatory bodies for achievements in environmental protection and in regulatory air and water compliance.

AMACOR’s production process is considered “green” compared to other magnesium recycling operations as it yields almost zero emissions, operates with significant reductions of cover gases and employs in-house recycling programs for waste, such as dross/sludge,cardboard and wooden pallets.

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