Advanced Magnesium Alloys Corporation 
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Products & Services

AMACOR’s proprietary technology produces a range of superior magnesium alloys for customers in the die casting and aluminum market segments.  Critical die casting applications are consistently assured by the highest level of cleanliness, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties from AMACOR’s products.  Aluminum producers choose AMACOR’s magnesium for highly sensitive applications such as can stock. 

Extensive testing by automakers has shown that AMACOR’s alloys exceed the quality levels of all other producers’ products tested.  FNAA cleanliness testing produced results ranging from 0-42 ppm.


  • ASTM B93M Die Casting Alloys: AM50A, AM60B, AZ91D, AZ91E, AS41
  • Other Alloys (for Aluminum Alloying):  Mg5, Mg6, Mg9
  • Contract Production - Specialty Mg Alloys & Recycling

 Ingot Sizes and Packaging:

  • 8 Kg Ingots (nominal 800 - 1,100 lbs bundles)
  • 12Kg Ingots (nominal 1,400 lbs bundles)

We go the extra mile for our customers.  For further information, please contact our Sales Group at, or 765-643-5873 Ext:243.

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